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(There is a reason you are here reading this right now)

From the desk of Vik Chand – Founder of Best Life Teams

Austin, Texas

February 12, 2021

Dear Friend,

I leave this message for you with the utmost and sincere hope that if you need help in building your best life in any area, that you consider us as an experienced, genuine, and trusted partner in your success.

Much of what I describe here, I have personally experienced, and managed to find my way through building successful businesses and coming to a place of true happiness. 

Before we move on. Remember this word and its meaning: Harmony: the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole. Ok, lets go! 


I accelerated in my career fast leading over $2.5 Billion in career sales, over 7,000 employees by 31 years old.

Coming from being “the poor discarded kid”, I was determined to walk up to the American dream, grab it by the hand and own it myself – the overachieving perfectionist was born. 

And with relentless leadership, focus, and execution along with a dogged work ethic, I did just that – all before I went back to get a Masters (which was worthless – more on that later). 

And at what was then, the pinnacle of my career – I was also unhappy as hell. I mean, man, I mastered my career. I got every single position and job I ever wanted, my teams dominated, and in 5 to 10 more years I’d be CEO of a company… 

but something kept bothering me. I would likely end my career, never having lived a present and happy life with my family. Forgive me, but I thought, not anymore! I’ve walked this road far too long…enough

I regret nothing, and would change nothing especially since that path helped me find the love of my life now going 20 years strong!


It was time for massive change

Like many of us, there is a part of your life or business that you are unfulfilled with or want to grow, change or improve (even though you may already be successful) or maybe you are unclear of your life’s vision and mission.

The proof is in the fact you’re reading this right now.

And – I get it, I’ve been there a few times in my own life, felt the same emotions, had the same frustrations (you are not alone) and so have many of our success coaches themselves.

So, how exactly did YOU get here?

 Well – It likely took you a long time. You have likely been frustrated, angry, disappointed, sad (maybe for years) – rinse and repeat – rinse and repeat.

And It may not be with every area of your life. 

Are you finally admitting something is amiss with your career?

Lets have a look…

Remember the formula we learned as kids: Go to school, follow the rules, get good grades. Go to college, follow the rules, get good grades. Get a masters, follow the rules, get good grades.

>Study your butt off. Graduate. Enter the workforce. Follow the rules. and rule the world?

>Get married. Buy a house, have some kids, toss in a couple pets…

>Remember that formula? Well, how’s it going? Honestly, ask yourself – how is this working out? Maybe great, maybe not entirely fulfilled. 

Well by your 30’s…

you may be simmering with a passive discontent you cannot explain, and realizing this plan is missing something (at least I was).

Then by your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s…

after working for a few companies, maybe you now know it just didn’t work out for you. 

You are not as happy as you once were and the inevitable has happened. Your career has stalled like a car puttering along on its last legs.

You are not flying high with promotions anymore – seemingly stuck in the same position – even across different companies. 

Or maybe you just want to get in front of the latter. Get that promotion, become CEO, RULE THE FRIGGIN WORLD! Who knows, but you. 

You just feel content but not happy, energized or loving life with the once unshakable optimism you once had. You have become a “career zombie” eating the same flesh, doing the same damn thing day…after…day…

Now – 

There are those who seem to “have it all” in their careers. The title, power, car, house, expense and travel budget – company cell phone, laptop, tablets and you realize your time is not your own. I sure did. You realize there are no guarantees. 

Because the company owns you, and owns your time – and you are FINALLY, not ok with that. 

Your income however large, has not given you the financial freedom you had wished.

Hell – including your mortgage, you’ve realized that you are carrying more debt than you care to hold or wish for others to know about.

Then one day you finally opened your eyes and realized that you don’t want to do what you are doing today – but it’s not entirely clear how to make massive, positive changes that yield you, and your family more internal happiness and joy. Yeah, been there (especially in 2008/2009). 

Then there’s that asshole, SMONDAY. That every present “smonday” you know, it’s that day where Sundays start to bring the dread of going to work on Monday.

It creeps into your psyche. You try to smile and be happy with your family, sip some more wine, but its there. Lurking, creeping in the shadows of your mind. 

I’ve been there and so have most of your colleagues (at every “level – all the way to the CEO). 

OR…it could also simply be that you love what you do, and you want that next promotion, and are looking for an edge over everyone else that has followed the same darn “plan of success” that seemingly isn’t working. I don’t know. Only you do if you introspect honestly. 

You arrived here because you are already successful in your own right

You could have arrived here because you are already successful professionally in your own life and want to challenge yourself to continued growth. Many of our clients fit this mold and no matter how successful you are there is another level you can go to. There’s another level to dominate and rarely is it out of reach.

How about the Entrepreneur? Could you have arrived here because your business and you got stuck?

Ahh my kindred spirit. So you started your business, went throughout the hardships, ups and downs just to keep your dream alive through sweat and literal tears. 

But you have come to a point where you can’t seem to break through barriers with your business. This could mean growing your business at scale or just not dreading your dream. 

In building multiple successful businesses myself, I know what you are going through – I don’t “understand” I absolutely know. I’ve lost hundreds of thousands of dollars myself, and simply, flat out failed. 

I had the nights where I felt no one was there to turn to for help – except my family. But I didn’t want to stress them out.

I often wanted to leave it all behind, but I’d made myself a promise to dig ditches instead of working for anyone ever again.

And so – around, up, down and through I went.

But I was the “turnaround guy” my whole career and in life, so I was damned if I was going to succeed any less than I had working for someone else. 

I know you get frustrated with people, with marketing, with operations, and some days you just want to throw in the towel. 


I also know what it takes, and more importantly how gratifying it is to break through and win, win, win – never looking back! 

Is it something with your health, family, wealth, or all of it that you find yourself here?

How is your relationship with your spouse and family? Are you obese, overweight, underweight? How are you performing athletically (at any age)?

Are you frustrated with any of these areas?

Things don’t have to be perfect, and they often are not – but you shouldn’t be unhappy or miserable with any one area on an ongoing basis.

This causes disharmony (not unbalance) but, hear me here – disharmony (remember – the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole). This is the opposite of happiness friend. 

“Why are my finances not where I want them?”

Or, maybe you have decided it’s time you want to achieve your goals, and live your life to the happiest that you can.

Here is my opinion – You got here because you want to get better, be happier, and live the best damn life that you can possible live IN HARMONY.

You want financial freedom, time freedom – you want your family to be happy and you want to control your own destiny.

You want to live healthy, and you want to love life again as you once did.

Maybe you got here to get the next promotion and take your career to the next level. 

In 13 years we have not had a single client who has not made significant and substantial changes to better their lives.

Many, if not most have made substantial lifestyle optimization improvements that are sustainable in building their version of their best life.

What I love about my career and what I always loved about my “corporate” time was helping others to succeed.

Not just be good, but to taste their own greatness – to see that smile, and feel that energy from them when they won. 

This is the sincerest moment we can share in someone’s happiness. It gives us energy, and inspires joy in our own lives and it’s what I want for you. 

I want you to live your best life because life is short and we deserve to live and to be happy with the ones we love as much as possible. 

I don’t teach nor endorse the pursuit of perfectionism – its a disharmonizing pursuit.

Your success is not how others measure it. Its how you determine it to be.

So if we never have the chance to work together I will leave you with this piece of perspective:

What makes you happy, and how you deem a successful and fulfilled life should never yield to the opinion of others. Live Your Best Life Your Way!

So what’s next – DO YOU NEED A COACH? How do we get started if you do?

There are two options for us to work on your success:

  1. We work together for 12 months minimum 1 to 1.5 hour per month on your life’s continued success. 
    • Real change and happiness takes time, consistency, behavioral changes, and developing a winning, performance mindset.
    • You may request me personally (there is a waiting list). I only work with 10 clients per year. Fear not, all our coach’s are phenomenally awesome with real world experience!
  2. You may book a 1.5 hour strategy session/consultation with me personally @ $2,500 per session. Also limited availability on a monthly basis. 

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